Answer: The purchase is actually very simple, follow instruction below:

Step 1: Contact us to clarify all your questions

Step 2: Add the product(s) to cart. Make payment (checkout) follows the steps on the website. Make sure to provide us exact information for delivery (name, Physical Address, email address, phone number..)

Step 3: We will send product (s) to you. If need more information, we will send email to you before delivery. Please check your email within 07 days from order date. Then all you have to do is wait some days, you’ll get product (s) at home


As seller, we understand that customers always want to buy product(s) at low price. Lower prices mean more customers. Therefore, our most difficult job is “pricing”, which is both able to offer reasonable prices that customers can afford while being able to compete with other competitors, and can cover all the costs to make a profit. Like all other companies, we have to wonder, think and discuss a lot before making a suitable price policy in each stage of company’s operation

As you know, we are a manufacturer company in Vietnam (a small country located in Southeast Asia). To export products to Canada and other countries – especially heavy products – we have to bear many costs, especially international and domestic shipping costs, customs fees, storage costs and marketing costs. We can’t even lower the prices, because if they don’t cover costs, we will lose money, and our company will stop running. In order to serve customers in long term with a high responsibility and good quality, our prices must be as current. Hope you understand and don’t expect our prices will be much lower than products value and the value of our effort to bring that value to you.

However, you can buy products at a lower price, using the following methods:

+ Buy together: Ask friends to buy products with you. If you buy more than 2 units we will reduce the total amount for you. Contact us for detail information.

+ Repurchase again: You can buy our products again in the future for yourself or for your friends or relatives. You will definitely get a discount. Contact us and provide us with your previous Order ID

+ Buy returned products: Please contact us when you want to buy returned items because the quantity is limited.

Answer: a) The similarities: 

They all have GREAT FEATURES of KT multipurpose folding stand frame

b) The differences:

+ Firstly, the most obvious difference is the way to adjust the handle-bar height. KT One-tiered folding stand frame has only 01 handle-bar, so you can adjust its height for taller user and shorter user as image below:

height adjustment

KT Double-tiered folding stand frame Model KT1.HT has 02 handle-bar, so you don’t need to adjust the upper handle-bar height when shorter users (such as kids, women, old people) want to workout. Just simply adjust the height of lower handle-bar by mounting it to the legs of frame at appropriate height level as image below:

adjusting height HT

+ Secondly, KT One-tiered folding stand frame can be folded in 10 seconds, but it takes more time to fold KT Double-tiered folding stand frame (about 35-40 seconds). Because you have to remove not only 02 lower distance-setting-bars but also the upper distance-setting-bars (which support the lower handle-bar) to fold the KT double-tiered stand frame

Answer: Model KT1.1520 and model KT1.1518 are identical in structure. The differences between them are max load capacity and max height, so model KT1.1520 is made from bigger and thicker iron tubes:

+ Model KT1.1520 is much heavier. The weight of model KT1.1518 is 16kgs, but the weight of model KT1.1520 is 29kgs

+ Max load capacity of model KT1.1518 is 200kgs. Max load capacity of model KT1.1520 is 350kgs. The limitation 200kgs means that at a specific time (short-term), Model KT1.1518 can withstand a max weight of 200kgs combine with swinging and shaking movement of users without being bent, broken or collapsed. But in the long term, if users who have weight over 100kgs always train with model KT1.1518 will make the handle-bar bent

+ Max height by design of model KT1.1518 is 227cm. Max height by design of model KT1.1520 is 258cm

Model KT1.1518 is suitable for users who are under 180cm tall and less than 100kgs weight. If you are taller than 180cm or weigh from 100kgs to 200kgs, you should use model KT1.1520

Answer: Don’t worry, you yourself can install it well by following the installation instruction (paper copy, in box) or watching our tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT7TMXduIdo

Each set of KT folding stand frame includes many types of bars. Each type has a different shape. You only need to look closely at the shape of each bar in the image of installation instruction, then find the corresponding bar in reality. Do right step-by-step, you will surely be successful

During installation, if you have any difficulty, please contact us. We will try to support you as quickly as possible.

Answer: We apply 05 years warranty for all models of KT folding stand frame. If there is any technical mistake in a part of products, we will send you new part to replace. We bear all shipping cost for sending it. This is reliable certainty commitment of our company.

Warranty policy:

1. During the warranty period, the component of the product is defective, dammed by the manufacture will be replaced free of charge.

2. Disclaim or charging fee for the following cases:

– Parts of the products are rusted due to exposure the weather factors such as rain, sunshine, snow,… for a long time

– Peeling paint

– The bolt, screw nut is broken or lose

– The tube(s) is bent because of overload or the product has been misused.

– The product is deformed be external factors

– The product has been changed or repaired without the consent of Khanh Trinh Company

– No warranty registration

– Warranty registration information is incorrect.

Answer: You can perform these actions after do some necessary protection methods (for safety) such as: put heavy things on the legs of KT folding stand frame (example, 4 sand bags, total weight each side is heavier than your body weight), ask 2 people to hold the legs, or drill and screw the legs to the ground… Because KT folding stand frames are placed on the floor without being fixed to the ground, and have lightweight structure (for easy moving, folding) so if you don’t do the protection methods but still perform these actions, it may be dangerous for you (the legs can be lifted off the ground and the KT folding stand frame may topple over).

Normally, you should only swing/fly in the area formed by 4 legs of the KT folding stand frame


Answer: You can place it anywhere you want. But you should keep it indoor to avoid rain and snow for long-term use. Because it’s made from Alloy Steel (main component is iron (FE)) , not from stainless steel (inox). All tubes are coated (Powder Coating) outside, not inside. If rain water or snow enters inside of tubes via holes, it will make the tubes rusted inside. Product will be damaged rapidly from the inside

We always try to process an order as soon as possible – usually within two days. Transit time is usually 2 to 8 days depending on the distance from our warehouses to your address
During peak seasons or when there is a shortage of products in stock (due to congestion at the destination port), order processing time will be longer. And we will inform you of the specific situation.
In some cases we need additional confirmation from your side to process your order. Then order processing time will also be longer

Please check this article for detailed information

About 15-30 minutes if you follow our installation instruction step-by-step. All accessories (bolts, nuts, rubber pads…) are included in the box.

If you’re in Canada, we will ship products from the FBA warehouse of Amazon. If you’re in other countries, we ship from our factory in VietNam or nearest warehouses. Contact us if you need more information

Yes, you can buy with confidence. We offer 30 day satisfaction guarantee from the date you receive product(s)

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